Buyer in San Carlos
In 2008/9 Nitya represented us as Buyer's Agent in our search for a larger home in a kid friendly neighborhood. Her friendly and positive personality made her a joy to work with but her genuine amiability was also particularly effective in disarming those on the other side of the negotiation table. Nitya is always respectful and compassionate, which allows her to build relationships with even the most aggressive of negotiators. This ability to create connection between people plus her determined persistence make Nitya a powerful negotiator - where win-win outcomes are truly possible.
Nitya's interaction are almost always done with a smile and sweet voice that in the end gets results. For example, she was so successful at winning over both our Seller's agent and the Seller that the bank covered the cost of a brand new roof - despite the fact that the house was an 'AS IS' short sale with numerous and better back-up offers. Nitya actually had the seller's agent working for US in bank negotiations because the Seller's agent liked working with her and the Seller wanted our family in his home. Nitya made those connections happen.
She also sees possibilities in ways one might not have considered. For example, we would never have thought to put in a back-up offer on our home were it not for her encouragement. It was a long shot and took extra effort on her part, but she did it anyway. Several months later it worked to our advantage when the the home's first offer fell through.
Nitya was patient and understanding during our transformation process as we learned and refined exactly what was most important to us in a home. Throughout a year long search she persisted with MLS updates, interpretations of listings, search expansions and modifications, comps and of course the endless appointments and home tours. And she continues to be supportive long after we are happily settled in our new home. She is still a great source of contacts for home improvement, upkeep and even decorating research.
I highly recommend that you allow Nitya Rawal to represent you in all your Real Estate needs.

Buyer in La Costa
Nitya Rawal helped us get into our first home last fall. She looked carefully at what we were able to afford and provided us with many options to view. Not only did she have the greatest patience with us, she is also very creative and has tons of ideas on how to make a home feel like a home. She is super intuitive and helpful every step of the way. She is always available and has tons of resources. Nitya found us a distressed property at a great price. The process when buying a distressed property can be very daunting, but Nitya helped us with all questions and details whenever we needed her and made the process much less daunting. Brighton Realty is very fortunate to have Nitya on her team. We loved working with her.

Renter in Encinitas
I am happy to write this recommendation in support of Ms. Nitya Huntley Rawal. My wife and I employed her services when trying to locate a property in San Diego. We found Nitya to be professional, efficient, and effective in servicing our needs. We will definitely use her again if seeking property in Southern California.

Home Inspector in Encinitas
Nitya Rawal has been an associate of ours in the Real Estate profession for over 5 years. During this time she has been one of our better clients in that her discipline and follow-up have made our job of servicing Real Estate buyers much easier.
Too many Real Estate agents treat the business as an aside or hobby. Nitya treats it as a profession. It has always been a pleasure working with her. There is no doubt that she would make a valuable addition to any business team.

Buyer in Encinitas
We are writing to express our pleasure with real estate agent Nitya Rawal, who represented us in our recent purchase of a single-family home.
Nitya guided us through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. We credit her with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.
This is our first purchase of property, and we had such a pleasurable experience. Nitya is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We never could have gotten our dream home without her.
To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Nitya Rawal and her expertise and we recommend her to everyone.

Buyer in Encinitas and Redlands, CA
I am writing this letter to recommend the Real Estate services of Nitya Rawal. After trying for two years to purchase our first home in North San Diego County, my husband and I hired Nitya. That was in the summer of 2009 and on March 1, 2010, we closed on a house!
We were ecstatic to have Nitya working for us. The personal commitment to us was evident in her passion and her efforts to give our offers a "face," if you will, for the buyers; included with every offer was a heartfelt letter from Nitya, explaining to the buyer who we were and why we deserved to buy their house. In a market inundated with offers, this effort on her part gave us a leg up. Nitya is experienced, knowledgeable, and really understands what it means to serve her client.
We could trust her to 'go to bat for us' and negotiate the best possible deal. My husband received a job offer out of the San Diego area, which he accepted in January 2010.
We knew we still wanted to purchase a home in the new location, however we were unsure how to go about finding the best real estate agent there. But it was all solved by Nitya, who found us an amazing agent in Redlands. I felt truly blessed to have Nitya making it all so much easier for us.

Renter in Encinitas
Nitya Rawal has been helping my family and our friends get great deals on beach front vacation rentals at Seabluff for the past four winters. We really love Encinitas and it's our favorite place to spend the colder parts of the year.
My wife is from Germany so we spend the summers there, and I travel a lot for work giving seminars, but I find I get my best writing done in Encinitas - it is a very nourishing environment being so near the ocean. My wife and two-year old daughter absolutely love having direct access to the beach and the parks with playgrounds by the beach are unbeatable.
We bike ride regularly, swim in the heated pool and enjoy the great restaurants in and around Encinitas. We find it's easier to get regular exercise there than anywhere else we've lived and it's all around best for our quality of life.
Someday we hope to buy or build a home there, with Nitya’s help, of course! She has shown us many properties and I trust she will take good care negotiating for us as she has done with our rentals.
You are in great hands with Nitya and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Prospective buyer in Encinitas
My husband and I have worked with Nitya on the sale of our house in England and found her to be pleasant, helpful, totally honest and hard working. She is currently helping us find a property in Encinitas.
We believe her to be our best choice of realtor one who will work with us to understand the buying process in the US.

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